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The Quaren'Twenties

Sound Designer/Mixer
Carnegie Mellon University Playground 2020

The Quaren'Twenies is a short film that was created for Carnegie Mellon School of Drama Playground 2020. This 30 minuet short film was shot over the course of five days and edited and mixed in 48 hours. It is an original script writen by Nicholas Biddle, Mikael Gameda-Breka, Adam Brett, Jonathan Champion, Jackson Eick, Julian O'Byrne, and Valentino Musimechi. The music was written by Nicolas Biddle. This project was a testament to how fast one can work and the joys of making collaborative art and film. 

Cinematographer and Picture Editor: Jackson Eick 

Composer: Nicholas Biddle 

Actors/Writers: Jackson Eick, Adam Brett, Juilan O'Byrne, Valentino Musimechi, Mikael Gemeda-Breka, Nicholas Biddle, Jonathan Champion 

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