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What Then 

Sound Designer
Carnegie Mellon University Playground 2017

A musical experience about a girl discovering tapes from her father who passed away due to complications from Alzheimers. The story is told through the voice of her father on tapes and the music of the 1960's and 70's. It takes you through Dakota's fathers life and his taste in music. He uses the music to communicate to his daughter, who is dealing with his passing, all of the life lessons that he wont' have the chance to teach her. The music of this show was propelled into the space through a live band and ensemble that reenacts the joy and magic of the 70’s for Dakota, creating a portal fo her to interact with her father. 

Monologue 2
Monologe 6

Director: Cameron King

Music Director: Jude Caminos

Lighting Design: Hannah Kerman

Scenic Design: Katherine Sharpless

Costume Design: Alexa James- Cardenas

Actors Photographed: Nula Cleary, Jason Schmidt, Wesley Matthews, Georgia Mendes, Maddie Rubin, Partrick Davis, Adam Brett, Riley Noland, Dan Bittner, Anthony Saldaña, Sunday Saari

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